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Ricky Ricardo


USA Dual speaking Spanish & English DJ for CoverJock.


About Ricky

Ricky believes the world has enough destruction to go around, so he has dedicated his whole entire life to the process of creation. Ricky loves to create. It's what he does. Ricky's specialty is Audio yet though his career he has been fortunate enough to find a home in Video, Graphics and Web Design.

Brief History

Ricky's DJ talents and powerful voice has led to the logical transition of introducing several major music acts, athletes, sports teams, and various entertainers in several nightclubs, venues, sports arenas, and cities. He is a prominent fixture and well known DJ across the country and has been an industry top standard having worked major clubs and events in several states. Ricky's professionalism, unmatched talents, and notoriety have put him at the top of his field.

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